How to Spend 3 Days in Memphis

When you’re ready to go on a vacation and you have a little time to spare, it’s time to head to Memphis.  This city has a taste of adventure for anyone and will surprise you time after time.

Here’s how to spend three awesome days in Memphis.

Enjoy the Incredible Music

Music is king in Memphis!  In the same way Nashville rules country music, Memphis is king for the soul and R&B.  You can’t go to a single club or bar without hearing about live music nights, and you’ll fall in love with the many different genres you can find just walking down Bouden street.  There’s nothing else quite like it.

Chow Down On Great Food

The food here is a wonderful mix of seafood and southern comfort.  You’ll love the fried chicken, but you’ll also want to dig in on crawdads and fried catfish.  The flavors here are memorable and comforting, and everything has its own twist that makes it uniquely Memphis.

The main attraction is, of course, the barbecue.  Memphis barbecue is smoked with a little sweetness to it and a whole lot of flavor.  You’ll want to come back every single day for another great bite of Memphis barbecue.

Enjoy the Season You’re In!

Memphis is one of the lucky areas that have the best of every single season.  Not only are its winters snowy and gorgeous, but its summers are hot and sunny, the springs are greener than emerald, and the fall is gorgeous with hues of red and orange.

Every season here is breathtaking, which means visiting here gives you the opportunity to make the most out of whatever time you’re in town.  Although the tourism off-season is usually the winter, it’s an awesome place to be year-round.

Go For More Affordable Lodging

Although Memphis houses for sale are affordable, not all lodging in this city is as cheap.  Some of the larger hotels make it so you can’t afford to do much once you arrive.  Instead of pouring all of your money into that, take the time to search for an Airbnb or cheaper hotel room that has a kitchen!

Not only will you get to cook your own breakfast so you can save a little money, but you’ll also save money on the nightly cost of staying there.  This means you can spend it more on restaurants and partying!

Party Like a Local

While you’re in town, take the time to have fun and party like a local!  This doesn’t mean you have to take on dangerous behavior, but you can enjoy blending in a little bit.  The nightlife and weekend fun here is a great mix of clubbing and enjoying the surrounding wild forests.

Make friends with locals, and have fun enjoying a little chaos and great music.  The multiple clubs, awesome bars, and fantastic haunt will leave a great impression on you.

Memphis is an Incredible City

Whether you’re from the same state, or even the same country, …

Benefits of Robotic System

The Simple Way to Flawless Robot Welding - RoboDK blog

Today’s manufacturers are seeking ways to streamline production processes and reduce costs. The use of robotic systems is a way for manufacturers to achieve these objectives. A robotic system is a group of collaborative robots working together in a shared space vs. individual robots dedicated to one task. Collaborative robots have grown in popularity over the last few years because they can be more cost-effective than traditional robots, which are usually expensive single units that must be caged-off from humans for safety purposes. Robotic systems can bring about many benefits for manufacturers. These benefits include faster output, lower costs, and safer workplaces. Read on to learn more about the advantages of robotic systems in your manufacturing facility.

Faster Production Speeds

One of the biggest benefits of robotic systems is the increased speed in production. Compared to traditional manufacturing methods, robotic systems can produce goods more quickly. This can come in handy when you’re trying to meet customer demand. Robotic systems can produce products at a rate of up to 1,000 pieces per day. Traditional methods cannot approach this level of production. As a result, you may sometimes have to turn customers away because you simply don’t have the capacity to deliver their orders. Robots work around the clock, with minimal breaks or downtime. They don’t require rest breaks, sick leave, vacations, or other forms of time off. This means they can keep producing goods when humans aren’t working. If your work hours only extend from 9am to 5pm, it’s likely you’ll be able to produce less during those hours compared to a 24/7 robotic system.

Lower Costs

When it comes to costs, robotic systems can be more affordable than traditional manufacturing methods. With robotic systems, you don’t need as much space as you would for traditional manufacturing. This is because a robotic system can be operated in a shared space. Robots are also much more efficient at performing certain tasks, like lifting heavy items or moving items from one place to another. Both of these tasks can be dangerous for humans, but robots can handle them easily. When you add up the reduced costs associated with purchasing a robotic system, less space needed in the factory, and lower energy costs from having lighter pieces, you’re likely to see an overall reduction in costs with a robotic system vs. traditional manufacturing. Robots are capable of producing goods with precision. This allows you to create items with a high level of quality that customers will be happy with. Happy customers are more likely to purchase from you again, which can help to increase your sales and revenue.

Safer Workspaces

Manufacturing facilities are inherently dangerous places, especially when humans are exposed to one-off robots that must be caged off for safety purposes. Humans must be cautious around robots, since these machines are capable of causing harm. Manufacturers and workers can be at risk of serious injuries when performing certain tasks. For example, an employee may risk injury when lifting heavy pieces of metal …

Polyurethane Wheels – Everything You Need to Know

Polyurethane wheels and castors from Blickle

Polyurethanes have superior chemical resistance. In extreme environments, rubber would break down quickly, so urethane is essential. Hard urethane hubs are a great alternative to metallic hubs for areas that may be contaminated with metal. The food and paper industries have seen significant benefits from polymer wheel solutions. They’re an excellent solution for applications where abrasion and chemical resistance are crucial.


Hamilton offers various applications for its durable and versatile DuraGlide polyurethane wheel. This heat-resistant polyurethane wheel minimizes internal tensions and is less vulnerable to heat build-up. The wheels’ moisture and heat-resistant properties make them ideal for heavy manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and military applications. They also make for an excellent choice in food manufacturing.

The ultra-glide wheel series is another option from Hamilton, and this wheel series features a flat center band, a half-round tread, and maintenance-free precision ball bearings. It comes in two models for enhanced rollability and floor protection: the 622 and the 822. The Ergo poly is made of high-density polyurethane and is designed to provide superior grip while minimizing floor damage.


The advantages of using TerraTech polyurethane wheels for construction equipment are clear. These wheels are made of a polymer material and offer the same benefits as a rubber caster wheel, such as higher load-bearing capacity. Additionally, unlike metal wheels, polyurethane wheels provide better traction to reduce stress on the floor. The wheels are suitable for use in various harsh environments, including oil, grease, salt, blood, and harsh chemicals.

The heavy-duty TerraTech Wheels by Hamilton are made with three different types of polyurethane and two different rubber compounds. The caster wheels have a 10-inch diameter and are available in various sizes. The caster wheels can move loads as heavy as 22,800 lbs. at ten mph. Whether you need a heavy-duty wheel for construction projects or a light-duty one for everyday use, the new TerraTech wheels are built to last and are made in the USA.

Urethane drive wheels

The advantages of Polyurethane drive wheels are apparent. The material is highly resilient and can handle various conditions, including varying temperatures and humidity. It also forgives on rough surfaces. However, a change in surface type can cause the wheel to wear prematurely. In some instances, a different material is preferred, such as steel or aluminum wheels. However, the pros of urethane outweigh the cons.

The versatility of polyurethane drive wheels is also apparent in the materials used for their cores and inserts. UHMW PE and ABS, for example, are both used for seats and inserts of UHMW polyurethane drive wheels. They have excellent traction on wood and glass and are easy to repair. Polyurethane drives can also be manufactured with hubs. The process of recoating an existing wheel with a Polyurethane material also reduces tooling costs.

TerraTech up stop wheels.

A TerraTech stop wheel is a truck wheel with massive double-stacked precision ball bearings and extra-wide, solid tires that can carry heavy loads. These wheels feature a guaranteed bond to the rim and a high-density 1045

Why Football Teams Should Consider Rotating Defensive Linemen More Often

1 Player Every NFL Team Must Bench Immediately | Bleacher Report | Latest  News, Videos and Highlights

Generating pressure is crucial if a defense wants to take over a football game. Pressure can force a quarterback into making a bad pass. It can also derail a running play before it even gets started. Defenses that manage to generate pressure consistently are the ones that win games. So, how do you create that kind of defense?

Having talented players on the line certainly helps, but those guys aren’t readily available. Instead of desperately searching for diamonds in the rough, football coaches may want to try a different strategy. To be more specific, they may want to consider rotating their defensive linemen more often.

Why Should Football Teams Rotate Their Defensive Linemen?

At first, the idea of rotating defensive linemen to bolster your defense may seem strange. Good players make great players so purposefully taking them out of the game seems like a bad strategy. However, there are situations wherein a rotational defensive tackle can be better than the starter. As this article from Zone Coverage points out, even NFL teams have had success rotating their defensive linemen.

How does something like that happen? Allow us to explain below.

Rotating Defensive Linemen Allows You to Employ Different Strategies

Following a general defensive principle is fine in the game of football. If you have a strategy that works, you should not shy away from using it. That said, you may need to do something different if the offense is consistently gashing you with each play they run. Baking a bit of flexibility into your defensive game plan is sometimes required when you’re coaching the game at the highest levels.

Rotating defensive linemen is key to creating that flexibility. You can take full advantage of a player’s talents by using them in certain game scenarios. For example, a defensive tackle with good size like Kevin Cohee can be immensely helpful if the offense is planning to run. In passing situations, rotating in a smaller but more mobile defensive lineman could be the right move.

Rotating Defensive Linemen Keeps Them Fresh

According to this article from Bleacher Report, being quick is one of the best traits any defensive lineman can have.

That makes sense because reacting just a bit faster than the opposing lineman can allow a defender to make a play. Moving even just a fraction of a second faster could be the difference between registering a sack and allowing a completion.

Defensive linemen lose their quickness when they get tired. Rotate linemen frequently to keep them as fresh as possible.

Rotating Defensive Linemen Protects against Predictability

Offenses may run plays based on the players you have on the field. By keeping the same group on the field continuously, you can make your defense more predictable. You want to avoid that. Keep rotating your defensive linemen so the other team won’t know what to expect. Add the element of surprise to your game plan and use it to win.

Frequently rotating defensive linemen is a wrinkle worth adding to …

Major Impacts of Drugs and Substance Use On the Family and Society

The Impact And Effects Of Drug Addiction On The Entire Family

Battling addiction may seem like a user’s responsibility, but it’s not always the case. The spouse, children, and society are involved with the problem directly or indirectly. Financial constraints, high crime rates, among others, can cause emotional and psychological issues for different parties.

Mental Trauma

Drugs and alcohol can cause mental instability in the user and society. Family members and friends of an addict may get depression or anxiety while dealing with their loved one’s condition. In addition, caregivers may lack time for social life, which may lead to stress.

Increased Crime Rates

Areas with high rates of drug use have increased numbers of crime rates. In addition, most addicts do not work, so they engage in criminal acts for upkeep and drugs. This may hinder developments in the area, leading to high poverty rates.

Unwanted Pregnancies

The cases of unwanted pregnancies are on the rise due to the use of drugs. An addict can’t control sexual desires, which leads to unwanted pregnancies and unsafe abortions. The burden of raising such children is left to the family and society. Other pregnancy cases occur due to rape.

Impacts on Young Children

Studies show that children with addicted parents usually develop post-traumatic stress disorder or depression. Others drop out of school due to neglect or to care for their parents. In other cases, children end up taking drugs or alcohol in the future since the substances are at their disposal or due to stress.

Spread of Diseases

Addicts aren’t in their right state of mind, and it’s easy to engage in unprotected sex, which leads to the spread of HIV & Aids, and hepatitis C, and B. Others get HIV through sharing needles. The impacts of diseases on the family and society are traumatizing due to the cost of treatment and deaths.


Addiction causes brain changes that may alter one’s behaviors and personality. Such impacts can cause a previously calm person to cause physical harm to other people in society. Other drugs may cause aggressiveness and use of hurtful language, leading to charges in court.

Increased Cases of Divorce

It is hard to cope with an addicted partner. Most of them are violent and do not provide for their families. Recently, there are rising numbers of single parents in society caused by addiction.

School Dropouts

According, young drinkers take more drinks per session compared to adults. In addition, the rate of marijuana and cigarette intake is also high among the youths. These trends show that the school-going generation is affected by addiction, leading to school dropouts and failure in exams.

Financial Consequences

Drugs and alcohol are expensive. Addicts may use all their savings on drugs and go-ahead to steal other family member’s cash for the same. Others ignore family responsibilities such as paying bills, food, and paying school fees for their children, which causes problems for the whole family, especially if the addict is on medication.

Untimely Deaths

Society has lost so many people due to drugs …

Different Ways to Use Kratom

Kratom is a herbal supplement that originated in Southeast Asia. This coffee relative has been in use throughout Asia to treat chronic pain, fatigue, cough and a variety of other common conditions. Most people who use Kratom agree that in moderation, it is an excellent alternative to traditional medications.

One of the concerns about using Kratom is that there is little or no regulation for harvesting, packaging and labeling it. This is why it is vital to purchase Kratom from reputable sellers like Kratomystic that guarantees their products. There are other concerns, but studies suggest that when used correctly, it is beneficial. You can use it in pill form, mixed with water, made into a tea and various other ways.

Pill Form

Most people agree that Kratom does not have a pleasant taste. Taking Kratom in pill form is the most comfortable way to avoid the flavor and control the dosage. You swallow the capsules with water when you need it.

In a Tea

Some people prefer to brew Kratom as a tea. You just put Kratom into a tea ball or other filter bag and steep for around 5 minutes. In this case, you might want to add some sugar or honey to disguise the taste. It is earthy and a bit bitter as a tea, but some people tolerate it well.

Chew the Raw Leaf

This is one of the oldest ways to use Kratom, but it is complicated to get raw leaf Kratom in the United States. Regulations prohibit importing certain types of plants.

Mixing Powdered Kratom With a Liquid

Despite the taste, this is one of the more popular ways to take Kratom. It is also relatively easy to control how much Kratom you take. You can put your dose in a bottle of warm or cold liquid that doesn’t contain caffeine. Then quickly drink it because even though it is powdered, it doesn’t dissolve.

Like many other supplements, Kratom is not endorsed by the FDA. No matter how you ingest it, speak with a doctor before taking it with other medications.…