When you’re ready to go on a vacation and you have a little time to spare, it’s time to head to Memphis.  This city has a taste of adventure for anyone and will surprise you time after time.

Here’s how to spend three awesome days in Memphis.

Enjoy the Incredible Music

Music is king in Memphis!  In the same way Nashville rules country music, Memphis is king for the soul and R&B.  You can’t go to a single club or bar without hearing about live music nights, and you’ll fall in love with the many different genres you can find just walking down Bouden street.  There’s nothing else quite like it.

Chow Down On Great Food

The food here is a wonderful mix of seafood and southern comfort.  You’ll love the fried chicken, but you’ll also want to dig in on crawdads and fried catfish.  The flavors here are memorable and comforting, and everything has its own twist that makes it uniquely Memphis.

The main attraction is, of course, the barbecue.  Memphis barbecue is smoked with a little sweetness to it and a whole lot of flavor.  You’ll want to come back every single day for another great bite of Memphis barbecue.

Enjoy the Season You’re In!

Memphis is one of the lucky areas that have the best of every single season.  Not only are its winters snowy and gorgeous, but its summers are hot and sunny, the springs are greener than emerald, and the fall is gorgeous with hues of red and orange.

Every season here is breathtaking, which means visiting here gives you the opportunity to make the most out of whatever time you’re in town.  Although the tourism off-season is usually the winter, it’s an awesome place to be year-round.

Go For More Affordable Lodging

Although Memphis houses for sale are affordable, not all lodging in this city is as cheap.  Some of the larger hotels make it so you can’t afford to do much once you arrive.  Instead of pouring all of your money into that, take the time to search for an Airbnb or cheaper hotel room that has a kitchen!

Not only will you get to cook your own breakfast so you can save a little money, but you’ll also save money on the nightly cost of staying there.  This means you can spend it more on restaurants and partying!

Party Like a Local

While you’re in town, take the time to have fun and party like a local!  This doesn’t mean you have to take on dangerous behavior, but you can enjoy blending in a little bit.  The nightlife and weekend fun here is a great mix of clubbing and enjoying the surrounding wild forests.

Make friends with locals, and have fun enjoying a little chaos and great music.  The multiple clubs, awesome bars, and fantastic haunt will leave a great impression on you.

Memphis is an Incredible City

Whether you’re from the same state, or even the same country, as Memphis: it’s worth a visit!  This is one of the best places for great food and music, and it is a dream come true for many.