Is Professional Indemnity Insurance Required For All Business By Law?

Unlike the Employer’s Liability Insurance which is a legal requirement for most businesses with employees, Professional Indemnity Insurance is not required for all businesses by law.

Nonetheless, it is highly recognized and required by some regulatory bodies, and essentially compulsory for some  professions like Architect, Town Planning, Surveyors, Accountants, to name but a few.

Professional Indemnity might not be mandatory for all businesses, but you can choose to decide if it’s a type of insurance you want for your business or not. Imagine If you’re allegedly accused of providing inadequate advice, design or services that caused your client to lose money. Sources on confirmed that PI Insurance is a type of insurance that would help you cover all legal expenses incurred, as well as damages or cost that would be awarded in your defense.

Other Benefits Professional Indemnity insurance offers are:

·       It offers financial protection

You can run financial losses from lawsuits which can interrupt your business. But PI like other professional insurance, would handle your defense cost like lawyer’s fee, court cost, cost of filing legal papers, to mention hit a few. It also provides you with financial security in cases where there is a legal bounce back or repercussion against omission claims.

·       Increases credibility

This insurance qualifies your business image. It assures your customers or investors that no matter the service you might render them, your insurance is there to back you up. With PI insurance, you let your clients feel confident doing business with you.

·       It Ensures Peace Of Mind

It gives you confidence in producing excellent results in your work. Even if any alleged claim would be rising from your clients on wither giving inaccurate advice or designs, you wouldn’t have to panic or go into a devastated state since you know Professional Indemnity insurance would be handling every issue.

·    It aids the smooth running of your business

Dealing with legal issues is time exhausting and business draining. PI helps you to restore the former position of your business after the losses incurred as a result of the legal procedures. Professional Indemnity insurance helps you balance your time and your business’ proper functioning.

  • You can make this insurance more powerful by incorporating defamation, loss of documents or slander dishonesty in order to cover all legal claims. This ensures total protection of a profession as it covers every possible risk.
  • Well, you might need PI insurance if you’re in the following categories:
  • You are either an Architect or a design Engineer who makes designs for your clients.
  • Your regulatory body demands that you have it
  • You are an accountant who gives financial advices and also do other related accounting services
  • You’re a Town planner, a consultant or a contractor
  • It is a prerequisite for a contract.

Sometimes, regardless of the profession, PI is recognized as an industry formality. This way, clients would be sure it’s up to the contractor to make corrections to any mistake. Do understand that most …

Can you apply for a mortgage once you’re retired?

Buying a vacation home or down scaling to a smaller home in your retirement is actually a fairly common practice. Applying for a mortgage is easier than ever these days thanks to online applications, lower interest rates, and more flexible repayment terms and plans.

There are hundreds of mortgage lenders, finance companies and real estate agencies ready to help you, but which one do you choose. What do you need to apply for a mortgage once you’re retired? Which agencies specialize in this? There are hundreds of questions you’re asking yourself right now, and the significant thing is that there are many millions of people that have done so too. Reading reviews of real estate companies on platforms such as Reviews Bird to learn which companies are best, which offer the best customer support, and which ones actual customers found to be the most helpful and efficient. By reading those insights, you will be able to make better-informed decisions.

The first thing you must do is to assess and show your income. For that you must supply the mortgage officer with your Social Security payments, pensions, IRA and 401(k) payments to show them you have a consistent income to fund the mortgage loan.

The next step is to illustrate your Debt-To-Income Ratio. For a mortgage loan, your Debt-To-Income ratio must be 43 percent or lower, meaning that your expenses must total less than 43 percent of your monthly income. You can calculate this at home: add up all your monthly debits, divide them by your monthly income, and then multiply that number by 100. The answer is your Debt-To-Income ratio. An example of this is as follows: $1,000 in debts and $3,000 in income equals 33 percent. If your Debt-To-Income score is close to 43 percent or above that threshold, you must pay off some of your debt in order to lower your score.

The best way forward is to place a large down payment. That will make it easier for you to qualify for a mortgage, and it will also help to lower your monthly payments to keep your Debt-To-Income score low. While they require a minimum 3 percent down payment, by increasing that will help you fund your retirement home more easily.

Each mortgage lender will have different credit ratings. There are online tools available to you to check your credit score, but it is sometimes easier to assess this with your mortgage lender as their credit ratings guideline will be a truer reflection of the requirements for your mortgage loan. In general, a credit score of 780 and above is better and will make it easier to successfully apply for a mortgage.

There is one other alternative that might assist retired persons with an invested IRA or brokerage account. The mortgage lender can assess your holdings and IRA account to calculate the mortgage you would qualify for up to 70 percent of the value of your brokerage account or IRA. That will help them know …

Curbside Recycling Not Universal Across the U.S.

You don’t know me from any other anonymous writer on the internet. Take my word for it when I say I am just a regular guy who works hard and earns a living. Like so many other regular guys, I assumed for years that curbside recycling was a universal practice across the U.S. I discovered a few years ago just how wrong I was.

It happened on a visit to Richmond, Virginia. I was working in the kitchen when I emptied a plastic food container I would normally have recycled at home. When I asked my sister-in-law where she kept her recycling bin, the quizzical look on her face left me just as confused. It was then that I found out her suburban town didn’t have a municipal recycling program. I was instructed to throw the container in the trash.

For the record, I wasn’t upset by that. I have long known that residential recycling is a placebo. I was just surprised that there was no municipal program in this upscale Richmond suburb. I thought everyone recycled.

  • Cities Giving Up on Recycling

Thinking about my experience led me to do some research. I discovered, much to my surprise, that cities all over the country are giving up on residential recycling. For example, leaders in Deltona, Florida suspended their recycling program because it was costing too much. They couldn’t sell what they recycled for enough to recover their expenses.

Leaders in Philadelphia ran into a similar problem. So now they incinerate at least half of the recycled materials they collect from residents. At least they are getting something for the efforts by producing energy from the process. Things in Memphis are not so profitable. Recycling bins are still found throughout the Memphis airport, but everything thrown into them goes to a landfill anyway.

  • Recycling and the China Factor

Residential recycling skeptics began writing decades ago about the ineffectiveness of curbside programs. But then seemingly without warning, thoughtful critiques of residential recycling suddenly disappeared. Why? Because China agreed to become the world’s dumping ground. Municipalities could collect recyclables and send them across the ocean to be forgotten. No one had to know.

That changed in 2019 when China put an end to global garbage imports. They said enough was enough. That left U.S. municipalities in the position of having to either find new takers or eat the cost of processing recycled materials for little or no profit. Guess what cities began doing? Canceling their programs.

  • Recycling Can Work

Curiously, recycling is an age-old concept that can work. It has worked for thousands of years. Even today, commercial recycling is a tremendous success. Companies like Seraphim Plastics collect and recycle tons of commercial plastic waste every year. Other companies recycle ferrous and nonferrous metals. Still others make good money recycling paper.

So why can’t municipalities make residential programs work? There are two issues. First, residential recyclables are not clean. This is to say that they are not single materials. For instance, …

How To Choose Magnetic Stirring Bar

The application of magnetic stirring bars can be commonly seen in laboratory experiments. The need to achieve a rapid spin rate is necessary for meeting the objectives of the experiment. A magnetic stirrer can use a rotating magnetic field that forces the bar to spin rapidly. With such rapid spin, it is easier to stir whatever liquid you might be using or working on at the time. Magnetic stirring bars are relevant and crucial to science experiments. Choosing the right magnetic stirring bar is vital as this will determine how effective the results will be to your needs and objectives.

When choosing a magnetic stirring bar, you have to pay attention to aspects that define the right one. You should note that stir bars are, in most cases, circular or octagonal but might come in various shapes depending on the needs at hand. The sizes also vary in length and range from a few millimeters to several centimeters.  Knowing what magnetic stirring bars can or cannot do is relevant as it helps plan your project or research with ease. It is important to talk to experts who are well-versed with different lab equipment types to gather the information to help choose magnetic stirring bars.

As much as buying and using the right magnetic stirring bar is vital to your needs, the selection process can be overwhelming. Sorting through the different types of magnetic stir bars and pick one that suits you can be exhausting. For this reason, you should consider working with a company that deals in a magnetic laboratory and technical equipment. Creating a partnership with a dynamic company helps find and choose stirring bars such as 2mag stirring systems and other equipment needed in your experiment or project. As a client, you can learn more about stirring systems, accessories, control units, and their application easily with a reputable company.

The Many Roles of an Oncologist

An oncologist is a cancer-treating doctor who offers healthcare services for a cancer-diagnosed person.

There are three main aspects to Oncology: medical, surgical, and radiation.

A Medical Oncologist’s role entails treating cancer with chemotherapy or other drugs, including therapeutic strategies or immunotherapy.

In a surgical procedure, an Oncologist eliminates tumors and adjacent tissue and does biopsies to accurately identify cancer.

Radiation Oncologists fight cancer with radiation treatment like the Oncologist Newport Beach.

Other oncologists encompass:

A Gynecological Oncologist treats gynecological cancers affecting the uterus, ovaries, and cervix.

Childhood cancer is treated by a Pediatric Oncologist. Some cancers take place mostly in small children and teens. This includes the brain, blood, osteosarcoma, and Ewing’s sarcoma. 

Some categories of cancer more prevalent in children still affect adults. In such circumstances, an adult may collaborate with a Pediatric Oncologist.

An Oncologist-hematologist focuses on treating blood cancers such as leukemia.

The Oncologist’s Role

An Oncologist handles a patient’s care all through the disease. This begins with a diagnostic test. Their function entails:

  • Clarifying cancer diagnosis and phase
  • Discussing all therapy possibilities
  • Reliability and sincere care
  • Helping a patient manage cancer treatment symptoms and adverse reactions.

Various sorts of doctors frequently come together to create the therapy plan for a patient, mixing multiple treatment varieties as you’ll get from Oncologist Newport Beach.

For example, a patient may need treatment combining surgery, chemo, and radiation referred to as multidisciplinary.

Cancer care groups even include several other physicians:

  • A pathologist interprets tests. This includes diagnostic cells, tissues, and organs
  • A Radiologist performs imaging exams to assess diseases such as ultrasounds.
  • A Nurse Oncologist
  • A Social Work Oncologist

The group may also entail health professionals from other medicines. For example, a skin-problem specialist could also help combat skin cancer.

Diagnosis of cancer might be complex. In this case, an Oncologist could invite a tumor committee to look into the case

This includes health specialists from all cancer care sectors, that come together to select the optimal treatment regimen.

Are There Any Benefits To Having Two Health Insurance Policies?

We all know the importance of having health insurance coverage to stay protected against the heavy expenses of medical emergencies. The modern health insurance policy is extremely wholesome in its design. Leading insurers offer coverage not only for hospitalisation costs but also for day care procedures, AYUSH, and pre-and post-hospitalisation expenses. 

Now, you might have come across certain people who have coverage from more than a single health insurance policy. You may wonder whether having multiple policies holds any benefits. For instance, if your employer has you covered under group health insurance at work, do you still need to take out your own individual policy?

To be completely honest, you may benefit from having more than one policy to cover you. Let’s take a look at some of the main benefits of being covered by more than one health insurance policy.

  • Enjoy coverage from different insurance providers

If you are unsure about choosing between two health insurance providers, you may consider taking coverage from each of them for a year or so and comparing the benefits. This way, you will be able to adequately examine which insurance company provides better quality in terms of customer service, value-added benefits, and so on. 

  • Cost-effective way to increase coverage

We do know that increasing your sum insured will also lead to an increase in the premium that you pay. Sometimes, it may fall cheaper to widen your coverage by buying two health insurance policies with lower cover limits and affordable premiums rather than taking one policy with a high cover limit and a high premium. However, do keep in mind that having two health insurance policies does not guarantee that you will get a 100% reimbursement. You might still face deductibles and co-pay on each of your claims as per each individual insurer’s terms. 

  • Helps stay protected against claims getting denied

If you have two health insurance policies, you can try to raise a claim with the second insurer if the first one is unable to process your claim for some reason. For instance, maybe you need to raise a claim for a particular health issue not covered under one health insurance policy. You can always opt to buy a second policy that does offer coverage for that issue without forgoing the policy you already have from the first insurer.

  • Ensures continuity of coverage

This benefit is applicable in three major scenarios. First, if you already have health insurance coverage through your employer, you might want to take a private policy too just to keep yourself continuously covered. If you change jobs, your employer’s health insurance protection will lapse but your private health insurance policy will continue to safeguard you. Second, if you have two private health insurance policies and one health insurance policy lapses, you still stay covered under the other one until you renew the first. Thirdly, if your two policies are an individual health insurance plan and a family floater health insurance plan and the family floater claim limit …

What Is the Best Time to Clean Your Office for Minimum Disruption?

Clients, customers, and suppliers are more impressed when they walk in a clean business space. Your employees are also able to perform their duties efficiently without any disruptions. 

However, it’s important to know the best time you need to clean your workplace without disrupting your business operations. The cleaning time should not clash with the office hours. 

Here is the best time to do the cleaning.

Early Morning

Use that low traffic time to get started and ready for the day. Before you settle on your desk to start working, ensure your surrounding is clean. Ensure your office lobbies and conference rooms are cleaned before you and your staff starts coming in for the day.

You can assign someone to be doing this on open duties or have a cleaning crew mandated to do the cleaning before opening your business premises. 

You should have a checklist to jot down activities that you would like to accomplish daily. This will ensure you don’t miss out on anything.


Try not to leave your working space untidy in the evening if you’re the type who starts work very early. Put everything back to its normal position before heading out. 

This is the easiest way you can tidy your workplace after a long day of work. You can remove debris from carpets and floors or clean those much-used surfaces in your office.

Doing evening cleaning also reduces the next day’s work. The cleaned surfaces will also dry well since no one will be walking in and out. There will be no disruption of the cleaning process due to minimal movement. 

Evening cleanings ensure your early customers, clients, or even your staff will walk into a sparkling working space.


The perfect time and day to hire a commercial cleaning company should be on the weekends. Weekends are the best time to carry out tasks that take a lot of time and do some thorough cleaning. 

Tasks such as emptying the dust bins, wiping furniture, and wiping computers can be done daily. But thorough or deep cleaning needs a lot of time to get the job done.

Many offices don’t work on weekends. It’s the perfect time to remove stains from carpets and floors, take care of upholstery, and clean windows. 

On weekends, you not only tackle regular maintenance but you also take care of bigger problems. This is the time to pay attention to every corner of your office premises.

Cleaning During Business Hours

Don’t let things smelly garbage cans, smelly restrooms, or dirty break rooms ruin your business. Workplaces that get messy more often with a lot of traffic, food stains and piles of garbage can’t wait till evening or morning to be cleaned. 

You need janitors working around and clearing all the mess now and then. Don’t hesitate to hire a commercial cleaning company to help you with the task. 

Your cleaning company should assign you with a daily janitor to take care of such cleaning tasks. This way, they won’t …

Economy Cars For Rent

Economy car is a term used for vehicles intended for ease buy and activity. Regular economy vehicles are little (minimized or subcompact), lightweight, and cheap to both produce and buy. Dubai is one of the wealthiest states of the world. Primary reason for its fame is a lot of wealth, many well-developed and luxurious buildings, attractive property development, opulent tourism, ports, resorts, artificial islands, beaches, golf courses and many more. To have luxurious, deluxe and magnificent cars is a norm here. But not everyone can afford luxurious cars specially for large families. So, making this circumstance easy and affordable for the customers seeking budget friendly options, faster rent a car offers an option of economy cars. Now your visit to any place of Dubai has become possible at cheap, affordable prices along with high quality.

What will you get by relishing economy cars or Faster Rent a Car?

 Visiting another country is consistently an exciting encounter, particularly when it’s DUBAI; there’s such a huge amount to see and do. On the off chance that you are visiting DUBAI unexpectedly, you better do a great deal of preparation as it requires some investment to cover the entire city at first go. By availing the best economy cars from our company, you will get following benefits

Budget Friendly Transportation– Dubai is a place of glitz and glamour, so everything is so extravagant here. Rent a Car has an armada of new vehicles that give extraordinary mileage. Getting rental vehicles from us helps check your movement costs to a huge degree.

Car that Knows Takes You to Destination– Public transport is for sure a good option but it is not a comfortable one. Also, there is no sense of security whilst traveling via public transport. If you are new to Dubai then probably you will be unfamiliar to the routes, signs and maps as well. Also, it is not possible for the travelers to spend a lot of money on luxurious cars and maintain a top-notch journey. In this situation, one needs a loyal and trustworthy companion who will guide on throughout the whole journey and maintain budget as well. So, Faster Rent a Car is such a companion to you. You will feel secure and protected in our fellowship.

Top-notch service-    Likewise our other fleets we ensure good service to our customers. We ensure all possible facilitations and feel comfortable during the travelling. We ensure all amenities in our economy cars to avoid any discomfort to our customers. This characteristic of Faster Rent a Car makes it distinguishable from other car rental companies.

High-Quality Economy Cars– Mostly people are confused about the quality of economy cars. Faster Rent a Car has maintained a high standard of its vehicles even in a range of economy cars. All economy cars are well-operational, efficient and comfortable. We enable our valuable customers to save money in transportation while spending it on more pleasurable activities.  

So, what are you waiting for? If you want …

Page Enterprise Options (PBS) is an modern enterprise options company

Business ServicePage Enterprise Options (PBS) is an modern enterprise options company that excels at offering assist services and customized system enhancements for enterprise software to SMEs. It has an intuitive dashboard that makes it straightforward to choose up. And unlike the opposite builders on our checklist, it even helps you to drag and drop your on-line retailer. We examined nine website builders to search out the proper one on your small enterprise and its specific wants.

On this balanced program, college college college students additionally study the challenges of on-line enterprise operations and the underlying factors that determine how e-commerce alternatives is likely to be effectively carried out. Time Inc.’s expansive portfolio of essential manufacturers and a digital enterprise of scale with development potential, complemented by Meredith’s growing television broadcasting enterprise will produce sturdy cash circulation for the combined firm.

The mannequin aligns schooling providers with students’ profession outcomes, and one startup is staking a declare to be the chief within the house; Kenzie Academy, a 12 months-lengthy program with a bodily campus in Indianapolis ‘” and a scholar physique that is sixty six % on-line ‘” introduced a partnership with Neighborhood Funding Administration (CIM) earlier this week that gives $100 million in debt to cowl the operating prices associated to college students who defer cost by ISAs.

Save time, money, and rev up your web selling and advertising and advertising and marketing with Digital Pink Zone. The Co-op option is on the market to full-time faculty students in any Mathematical and Computational Sciences Major or Honours program. PBL makes use of technology and inquiry to interact college college students with issues and questions which could be associated to their lives.

Click Travel cut back the associated charge and complexity of business travel administration via using know-how – from free self-service fully on-line travel administration via their in-home developed platform,, to complete managed travel through our award-worthwhile brokers.…

3 Important Reasons to Hire Out Back Office Tasks

Back office tasks are usually not the most exciting part of owning and running a business. However, they are extremely important. Without those tasks being completed regularly and accurately the business could crash and burn. This is why more and more companies are hiring back office jobs out. Although it adds another expense, the benefits pay off in the long run.

Save Money

Hiring out taxes, payroll and bookkeeping, can actually end up saving the business money. This is because payroll and bookkeeping companies hire experts in their field. A payroll company knows how to set up and pay payroll taxes Western PA on time, avoiding any costly fees and penalties. Bookkeepers will identify checks that don’t clear the bank, monthly payments that may forget to be made and even duplicate charges in bank accounts. By using a bookkeeper and payroll service, company books will be clean, saving a CPA time when filing year-end taxes.

Save Time

Owners should be focused on how to grow their business, not minute details such as entering receipts into Quickbooks. By hiring a trusted company to handle the back office details, owners can then target big picture goals like marketing, customer service and expansion. Time is everything when it comes to running a profitable company. One of the biggest complaints of owners is the lack of time they have. By taking back-office tasks off their plate, they can contribute to other more profitable areas of the company.

Less Turnover

It takes time and money to train staff members to complete payroll, file taxes and keep clean books. If that trained staff member leaves, then a new hire will need to be trained all over again. This can make a mess of the financials. It is extremely important that financial records are correct and consistent. When there is a revolving door of people with their hands in financial records, mistakes are going to happen. When bookkeeping and payroll are hired out, business owners do not need to be concerned with a new person learning the books.…