Kratom is a herbal supplement that originated in Southeast Asia. This coffee relative has been in use throughout Asia to treat chronic pain, fatigue, cough and a variety of other common conditions. Most people who use Kratom agree that in moderation, it is an excellent alternative to traditional medications.

One of the concerns about using Kratom is that there is little or no regulation for harvesting, packaging and labeling it. This is why it is vital to purchase Kratom from reputable sellers like Kratomystic that guarantees their products. There are other concerns, but studies suggest that when used correctly, it is beneficial. You can use it in pill form, mixed with water, made into a tea and various other ways.

Pill Form

Most people agree that Kratom does not have a pleasant taste. Taking Kratom in pill form is the most comfortable way to avoid the flavor and control the dosage. You swallow the capsules with water when you need it.

In a Tea

Some people prefer to brew Kratom as a tea. You just put Kratom into a tea ball or other filter bag and steep for around 5 minutes. In this case, you might want to add some sugar or honey to disguise the taste. It is earthy and a bit bitter as a tea, but some people tolerate it well.

Chew the Raw Leaf

This is one of the oldest ways to use Kratom, but it is complicated to get raw leaf Kratom in the United States. Regulations prohibit importing certain types of plants.

Mixing Powdered Kratom With a Liquid

Despite the taste, this is one of the more popular ways to take Kratom. It is also relatively easy to control how much Kratom you take. You can put your dose in a bottle of warm or cold liquid that doesn’t contain caffeine. Then quickly drink it because even though it is powdered, it doesn’t dissolve.

Like many other supplements, Kratom is not endorsed by the FDA. No matter how you ingest it, speak with a doctor before taking it with other medications.