How To Find An Expert Witness - Top 10 Tips By Expert Court Reports

If you have ever been to court, you understand the importance of having reliable, believable witnesses. Many attorneys will even hire expert witnesses, such as a bank expert witness for an embezzlement case, and your expert can determine whether you win or lose your case. These individuals are highly paid, and you don’t want to waste your money on the wrong person. Therefore, these are a few tips for finding the right witness.

Research the Candidates

The right expert witness will have the qualifications, knowledge and experience necessary to provide an unbiased assessment of your case. These professionals should be experts in the field, with either advanced degrees or significant experience. These individuals also need experience testifying in court, but avoid those who only testify for the defense or plaintiff. They need experience analyzing case documents and writing opinions. They need exceptional communication skills and should be able to answer questions quickly, clearly and effectively. They should be able to present both sides of the argument, but they need to show why your side is correct.

Ask for Samples of Their Work

Experts have typically been published in one form or another. They may have published books or journal articles on the topic of your case, but ask for trial transcripts so you can see how the expert answers questions. The witnesses’ publications should tell you whether they understand your case and the issue and if they have ever given testimony or held positions that conflict with your case.

Start Searching at the Start of the Case

Don’t wait until the last minute to start searching for witnesses. You need time to do full background checks and analyze the witnesses’ experience and publications. You also need to contact their references and learn everything you can about your prospects before hiring one or more of these professionals. Therefore, as soon as you file the case, or even during the research process before you file the case, you need to search for your experts.

If you face a lawsuit, whether you are the defendant or plaintiff, do the work to hire the best witness for your case.