Do I need an accountant for my small business? -

Doing taxes is not on most people’s list of a fun way to spend an afternoon. If you own a small business your taxes may be especially complicated. A certified public accountant is a person who is trained in filing taxes and answering various questions about finances. Leaving the work of preparing a tax return to these professionals has many advantages, so read on to learn about four of the benefits of hiring a CPA.

1. Maximize Tax Credits and Deductions

A Certified Public Accountant New York is specially trained to review your tax return and make sure you receive the highest possible credits and deductions, saving you money in the long run. Consulting a CPA ensures that you are maximizing all tax credits that are available to you.

2. Receive Audit Representation

In the event that are you selected for an audit by the IRS, a CPA can represent you and your business during this complicated and time-consuming process. With a CPA taking care of the paperwork, you can remain focused on other aspects of your company.

3. Ask Questions All Year

Most CPAs are not someone who you hire just to do your tax return once every year, but are a resource to receive help with financial preparation throughout the year. Having the expertise of a CPA firm at your fingertips can enable you to make smarter business decisions all year long.

4. Save Time

Leaving the task of complicated bookkeeping to the professionals leaves you free to do what you do best, whether that is running a business or caring for your family. Free up your mind and schedule by leaving tax and financial preparation to a trained individual.

Whether you own a business or are an individual with a complicated financial history, consider hiring a CPA for one or all of these reasons.