Being a real estate agent can be a very rewarding career choice, but only if you’re able to secure clients. Sometimes it’s a simple process, but there are ways you can make it easier to find people to help with their real estate needs.

Send Mailers

Practically everyone who wants to buy or sell a home is already living in a home, apartment, or another form of housing system. Sending out real estate prospecting postcards is an amazingly efficient method of letting a large group of people know you’re eager to help them buy or sell a home. Make sure these mailers meet the real estate requirements in your state, and that they have all of your contact information prominently displayed. Don’t send out a postcard to everyone, but rather cater the recipients to those who would likely most benefit from your specialty. If you help buyers find homes, maybe send mail to apartment complexes, and if you sell homes send mail to homes in areas with which you’re familiar.

Use Social Media

Social media is an excellent platform for your business. It’s much easier to drum up clients if they are able to visualize what you do. Start a social media page that shows homes you’ve sold or helped clients purchase to demonstrate your capabilities. If you have a home that’s actively for sale, post pictures of it. These days there’s almost no better way to get the word out there than by using the internet.

Rent Billboards

Another great, albeit more traditional, method of advertising is to rent a billboard. Choose an area that’s highly traveled or in a location where you want your presence known, and plaster your name and information all over it! Work with a graphic designer to ensure the billboard is an effective, easy-to-read marketing tool and wait for the calls to start!

There are plenty of ways to get the word out about your real estate services, including mailers, social media platforms, and billboards.