It is hard to keep the tabs on all the things when you are taking regular classes at the college and university. So, it becomes imperative for students to take the services of an online assignment maker. The experts from these academic solution providers claim that it is next to impossible for a student, given the current scenario of the education system, that he can balance his studies and personal life. No, he just can’t!!

The major problem lies with the different kinds of assignment that are provided by the universities. The faculties are adept at giving the required information on the topic and owing to the time constraints; they are not able to tell everything to the students. So, he becomes lost when it comes to formatting, style, ad structure of the assignment. 

Examiner often gives assignments in the following forms to the students:-

  • Research proposal
  • Essay
  • Critical analysis
  • Dissertation or thesis
  • Literature review
  • Report writing
  • Articles

Instructions regarding the formatting are quite clear and the marking rubric also reflects the purpose and important points of the homework. But, it is not a foolproof recipe for writing a flawless homework. The solution needs to be written fast and efficiently. Here are some tips for achieving this goal.


Tips for writing a noteworthy research proposal!

Stick to the instructions

The research proposal must be made according to the format provided by the university. It may get rejected if the criteria mentioned in the instructions are not fulfilled.

Addressing pertinent points

Your study needs to be properly structured and topic centric. It must be broken down into subheadings and parts to ensure clarity.

Writing an impactful abstract

Impactful writing of the abstract is going to make the reader curious. He would like to continue reading your study if he is impressed by the preamble. It must have all the important points. You will have to make them believe in your hypothesis and how your research is going to make a difference in the relevant domain. It must reflect innovative yet practical solutions o the problem posed.  

Intriguing title

The title of the study must invoke the curiosity of the readers. Whether it should be recondite or easily understandable is your choice depending upon the type of audience. If your targeted readership is a group of intellectuals and examiners, you must lean on to writing a title that is not too easy for them.

The study cuts across multiple disciplines

If the topic of your research is having a multi-disciplinary approach, you must highlight it sufficiently. This can earn extra coverage owing to its larger domain of relevancy and scope.

Reflect upon the feasibility of the study

It is very important to explain that the outcome of the study and its methodology is practical and feasible. There are sufficient means to successfully conducting the research and you are competent enough to hold that.

Reviewing and commenting

Find out if anyone else is also pursuing the same topic. Ensure that the scope of overlapping is remote. Make it available for reviews of the learned and experienced people. Get feedback and work on the constructive criticism so provided.  

It is just a proposal after all

Avoid making assumptions or reflecting that in your tone or language of the proposal. Make generic research questions and then sub-divide them into specific ones so that the examiner may understand that your proposal is tentative and it may take a slight turn.

Draft it flexibly. Your approach in conducting research must be the same too. You may get a different result in the end than you anticipated. So, make it as inclusive as it can be. Avoid treating your inference as the final verdict.

These are some of the general but important instructions for your research writing.


Tips for writing an article by an assignment maker

Publishing an article in a journal is imperative for people pursuing their masters or doctorates in a specific subject. So, you need to understand the nature and scope of the journal in which you want to publish your article. Here are some quick insightful tricks.


Focus on the three A’s of Article writing

  • Aim of the journal 

Your published article may help others take up the topic and take it further. It will help you in boosting your profile. It will add on to the reputation of your institution. People may offer you their services where you can conduct further researches.

  • Targeted readership

You must know your prospective readership. It will guide you in having an insight upon the type of language and complexity of the ideas. If you write an esoteric language for a journal who is read by students, your worth may go unnoticed.  

  • Keep your eyes peel for trends

Maximize the scope of your research. Update your skills and expand the domain of your functioning. That will help you in extracting information from remote and relevant sources.