Being involved in senior care for many years in Maine, Peter Light is very experienced on the topic. Below, he shares some tips for how to choose the right senior care facility:

Find the right location

Peter Light of Maine explains that location makes everything when it comes to choosing a senior care center. Typically, those who will be living in the facility will want to be as close to loved ones as possible; therefore, be sure to find a senior center that isn’t a far drive from those they care about most. Additionally, you’ll want to consider nearby hospitals. In the event of an emergency, being close to a hospital might be the safer option.

Do they have the right services?

According to Peter Light of Freeport Maine, he also says that you should choose a facility that has all of the services you need, including ones you may need later on. The average senior center offers dining services, exercise and wellness programs, housekeeping, and, of course, tailored health services. However, some facilities carry specialized services that may be beneficial. That being said, be sure to understand what services you require, then find a facility that can provide what you need.

Choose the right size

Peter Light of Maine says that the size of the facility is also another key factor when looking for a senior care center. Luckily, there are facilities out there of all different sizes, so it’s very possible you may find one that best suits your needs. While there are some centers out there with 500 beds, others only have a couple. The size of the dining area, size in the bedrooms, and the size of the activity rooms all may play a factor when trying to choose the right senior care facility.

Can they transition to higher care?

While the elderly can spend years in a senior care facility, they won’t be there forever. That being said, although it may sound daunting, Peter Light from Maine mentions that you also have to consider the transition to higher care when that is needed. While some nursing homes are able to accommodate end-of-life care, that isn’t always the case. So while you may never want to think about this consideration, it is an important one to make.

Think about your budget

Peter Light, a Freeport native, also mentions that your budget is another huge factor to think about. While you may want certain services and additional treatment options, it’s best to have a budget in mind and ask multiple facilities what they charge before signing up for anything. With so many facilities out there all with different price points, getting quotes and estimates can be tasking, but Peter Light of Maine says it will be well worth it in the long run.

With years involved in senior care, Peter Light is a highly reputable source who has tons of knowledge about this topic. By understanding the tips above, Light says you should have no trouble finding a senior care facility that works for your needs.