Internet speed is one of the most important factors customers look out for when looking to purchase any internet service. In today’s day and age, not having speedy internet means you can easily fall back in many areas. It is simply not an option to live and work without speedy internet. It gets even more infuriating when you are subscribed to a great and expensive plan and your internet starts to lag. Naturally, some factors are out of ISP’s control so there is nothing that can be done. But, if your ISP is responsive and is working actively to solve that problem, you can say you have a good ISP.

Sometimes, it isn’t even the internet issue, rather a computer or laptop issue. It could be that your laptop is slower to respond and the loading time is taking a while. In that case, it is not the internet speeds that are lacking. Wave Internet strives to provide its users with the best possible internet speeds and connections so that they don’t face this issue often. Their customer support team is also very responsive to any problems that users might face. This is the reason it’s considered a good ISP. However, there are times when the internet slows down and it can be avoided or solved without having to contact and wait on your ISP. Let’s see how that can be done!

Why Do I Have Slow Internet?

First things first, let’s talk about why your Wave Internet speed could be slow. As mentioned before, there is a possibility that your internet is not slow, rather it could be your computer. How you can determine for sure is by testing it out. If your mouse is slow to move or respond and your computer takes more time to switch between windows, then your computer is slow. In that case, you should consult a technician or computer specialist to solve the problem.

However, if your mouse responds quickly and windows are switched quickly as well, then you can quickly check your internet speed by seeing how much time it takes to load a page after clicking on a link or searching something. If it takes more time than normal, then your internet is slow.

Another reason for the internet being slow could be the router being far away from you. If you have set up the router in some corner of the house, it could cause connection issues in the rooms far away from the router. This is why you need to be careful of the router location and where you want to set it up. Maybe it’s not the location of the router that’s the problem, but rather that the internet signals are weak and you don’t have a Wi-Fi extender device.

What Is a Good Internet Speed?

So, before we move on to the tips of how you can improve your internet speed, it is better to first discuss what a good internet speed is. It is important to know that the internet speed is dependent on the type of connection and the bandwidth of that connection. The technology used for fiber internet is not the same as the technology used by cable internet. Because of this, you have different internet speeds for both types. One cannot be compared to the other. So, instead of comparing two different types, it is better to compare the same type but with a different ISP or plan.

The bandwidth is the capacity of the network to transfer data from one end to another. It is measured in seconds. The higher the bandwidth, the faster the passing of data. Bandwidth can be described as the highway and the data as cars. The more lanes on the highway, the more the number of cars passes with speed.

Another thing that affects your internet speed is the download and upload speed. The download speed determines how fast your search results will reach your screen and how fast the web pages load. As this basically is in charge of how fast data is brought to you, you must have higher download speeds. Upload speed determines how fast your files are uploaded to any page or social media. The files can be documents, videos, or pictures. Usually, service providers offer more download speeds than upload speeds as downloading is more common than uploading.

Packet loss is rare but occurs from time to time. As data is sent in the form of packets, packet loss means losing some data. This is usually a problem with wireless networks and connections only. Latency is the time it takes for one data packet or a bit of data to travel from one point to another. If the two points are very far away from each other, it will take more time. In simple terms, if you are sending data to someone in a different country, it will take more time than it would if you were sending it to someone in the same city. If there is network congestion, then that can cause delays. An ideal latency is 150 ms, whereas an ideal packet loss is 1%.

Tips to Improve Internet Speed

Now that we know some reason for slow internet, here are some tips to tackle those problems.

  • Using a wired connection – Ethernet cable connects your device directly to the router or modem and that saves you from the trouble of slow internet due to distance from router or any packet loss as well. However, it doesn’t work with every device so it is better to do it with certain devices. For example, laptops and PCs are well-suited for Ethernet cable but phones and tablets are not. After all, they are designed to work well with Wi-Fi.
  • Move closer to the router – Distance from the router causes slow internet and connection issues. The router should be placed centrally where it is most accessible and the signals don’t get blocked.
  • Use a Wi-Fi extender – Using a Wi-Fi extender relieves you of the pain of being closer to the Wi-Fi all the time. Wave Internet offers you an Amazon Eero device that makes sure that all your devices are connected to the internet without any problems or slow internet.
  • Check all devices – Sometimes, there are too many devices that are connected to the internet and that causes the internet to slow down. As per your internet plan and bandwidth, you should make sure that only the right number of devices are connected and that they are not using up all the bandwidth.
  • Password protection – Setting up a strong password for your Wi-Fi is, of course, a very important step. It helps to protect you from threats and unwanted people using your Wi-Fi.
  • Protect your devices – This might not happen often, but it does happen from time to time. Sometimes, your computer, laptop, or phone can download a virus through some suspicious website and it can cause problems with your internet. To avoid this, you should always make sure you have anti-virus software and measures to protect your devices.


Using these measures to prevent any harm and protect your internet is crucial to keep using an unmatched internet service. Wave Internet even has a protection plan that you can subscribe to, to protect your data and network. Of course, nobody wants to have slow internet and have their privacy breached, so if you take the right precautions and subscribe to the right service provider, you are bound to get a great internet experience. Moreover, if you want to find good service providers that offer protection plans as well, go onto BuyTVInternetPhone to find what you are looking for!