Thanks to the internet, trading the stock market is now easy and much more direct. Before the internet, you had to go through a long process, and intermediaries, paying hefty commissions to trade the market. And you are not privy to information in real-time like we have with the internet. The stock market allows us to buy or sell companies’ shares based on available data of the companies’ financial strength.

To buy a stock of companies in Norway, you should check out an online anmeldelser to find reliable stockbrokers who can help you trade the market. From these reviews, you will learn about top financial companies like Libertex, which provide very financial services to customers, including trading the stock market. However, before you jump into trading the Norwegian stock market, you must understand the terms used in the market. You will be lost if you do not know the terms when you engage traders and trading activities on the platform.

Some Standard Terms in Stock Market Trading

There are some standard terms that you need to know for a start in stock trading. These terms include:

  • Earnings per shares

The earning per share is what you will earn per share of the stock you bought. The earning per share can be calculated by dividing the company’s outstanding shares’ total profit. Your earnings will increase by the number of stocks you bought with the company. So as you buy more stock, you will earn more with a stock doing well in the financial market.

  • Going public

This is one of the famous slang associated with stock trading. You will see traders getting agitated whenever they hear a private enterprise is going public, especially if the stock is doing good. A private company is said to be going public when it plans to launch an IPO. It is anticipated that traders will be looking forward to buying stocks in the company.

  • IPO

IPO stands for initial public offering, and it refers to the first time stock will be available for the public to buy. Traders are usually eager for IPOs because it offers them the opportunity to buy a company’s stock at a lower price. A company’s stock prices typically go up after IPOs, especially when the company is doing well in the market. However, before you jump into any IPO, do your research about the company to ensure you are making a wise investment.

  • Share

A share represents a company’s unit, as the company breaks itself into units to share its ownership. With a share, you become a part-owner of the company and have a profit and loss percentage. The ability to study and analyze a company before buying its shares will help you make sound investments and profit over time from these investments. The more shares you buy, the more you profit from the company’s dividend when they make money.

  • The underwriter

The underwriter is another important term that you should know when learning about the stock market. An underwriter is a financial institution that carries out all the paperwork involved in an IPO. A trusted underwriter will boost the credibility of the IPO, and traders will be confident about the public offers, which will increase the value of the request.

Stock trading has gained much popularity with easy access to the internet as people learn about online investments. Increase your knowledge and ability to trade efficiently by acquainting yourself with standard terms stock trading. You can now trade stock easily with access to the internet.