How we will rebuild trust in Irish banking

It appears that there is no industry that has enjoyed the advancement in technology as much as the banking and finance industry. With the advent of computers, there’s been a lot of transformation in this sector.

According to, there are several ways computers have been applied in the banking and finance industry. Here, let’s quickly examine 6 of these applications of computers.

1.      For the management of accounts

The management of customer accounts and financial consulting are the primary responsibilities of banks. Considering that a bank has to deal with several customers almost at the same time, using computers is very important. With computers, it has become easy for banks to open and effectively manage user accounts.

2.      To facilitate electronic transactions

Gone are the days when you have to join a long queue in the bank before you can get your money out or complete a transaction. Today, with the application of computers, it has become possible for customers to pay and receive money using any of the electronic channels that are available.

When buying items online, you don’t need to leave your home as you can make payment for every item from your mobile phone provided you have your credit card details.

3.      To ensure web-based activities

The internet is a place of many possibilities that spans across interactions and engaging in businesses. Many of the activities that people across the globe carry out are being carried out on the web. Through the application of computers, the banking and finance industry has allowed for several web-based activities like opening of accounts online, printing transaction statements, and sending financial reports without walking into a banking hall.

4.      To capture user biometrics

Fraud remains one of the many challenges of this digital age and is responsible for why many people appear to have developed some resentment for internet-related activities. However, with the application of computers, the banking and finance industry now carries out biometric capturing for all its users. While this does not totally stop fraudulent activities, it has helped to reduce it to the barest minimum.

5.      To guarantee convenience

One of the major applications of computers in the banking and finance industry is evident in how much convenience it has guaranteed users. You not only get to handle your transactions by yourself, but you can monitor cash flow anywhere and at any time you want to. Whether it is on a personal computer or a mobile device, you can always reach out to your bank without being in the bank.

6.      To help small businesses expand

With the application of computers in the banking and finance industry, small businesses can integrate different payment options into their platform. By so doing, users can engage with the business better and faster. The business on the other hand can record more sales and enjoy increased productivity.

Technology will continue to make life easier and better for everyone across different spheres of human endeavours. It is believed that as technology continues to advance, the banking and finance industry will also apply new technologies to make banking and finance more viable or everyone.