Upon taking the experience and education factors into account, you would find that CISSP certification is a multi-year, multi-step process in it. In the world of cybersecurity, it is a highly designated certification and job post. And to be very honest, it has nothing to do with the way you are preparing for its examination because it might involve several hours of reviewing and studying but is the least time consuming as far as other requirements are taken into consideration.


People who have made of the mind to write the examination must know that they should possess a strong experience in the field of cybersecurity work and must also have relevant education. It requires at least 5 years of work experience as a paid employee in at least 2 out of the 8 cybersecurity positions which are recognized by the CISSP body of knowledge.


Here are 8 domains which are deemed valid:

  1. Security of asset
  2. Security of network and communication
  3. Management of access and identity
  4. Testing and assessment of security
  5. Security Engineering
  6. Security to software development
  7. Security operations
  8. Risk and security management


The only concession in the experience required to people wanting to appear this exam is of one year and is provided to either a person holding credentials approved by (ISC)2 or a four years college degree in the mentioned fields. Examples of certifications are Certified Internal Auditor, Certified Cloud Security Professional, and Cyber Security Forensic analyst. But for people who want to appear the CISSP examination without the required work experience could simply pass the exam to on associate title approved by (ISC)2 which food provides them a window of 6 years they would get five years of work experience and fulfill the necessary requirements for their certification. 


The test involves 250 questions across 8 knowledge domains, as mentioned above, and is for the time period of 6 hours. 700 marks are required to pass the test out of 1000 marks, which can only be achieved through rigorous preparation. People who take these significant steps with complete dedication and commitment become highly respectable professionals who are awarded the CISSP certification and could be categorized as elites of the industry.


5 reasons to pursue CISSP Certification

CISSP concentration is a great way to ensure advancement in the field of cybersecurity, and it enhances your skill set. It consists of CISSP-ISSMP, CISSP-ISSAP, and CISSP-ISSEP, which cover all the process areas and help you gain deep knowledge and mastery in them. This would just add up to your experience and give you a feeling of self-satisfaction for achieving immense knowledge in your field of expertise.


The certification ensures mastery in the field of cybersecurity and allows for greater responsibilities, professional satisfaction, and a greater payroll. The five reasons are:


  1. Advancement in career- This opens up more opportunities as you have an elite ranking in the field of cybersecurity, which means you possess a greater level of expertise, credibility, and visibility.
  2. Higher payroll- It is a proven fact that (ISC)2 certified personnel earn 35% more than those who are non-certified. The CISSP-ISSAP is currently the 2nd highest paying certification in the world, while CISSP-ISSMP and CISSP-ISSEP are currently falling under the category of the next big thing to happen after 2020. The future is surely promising if you are looking forward to drawing huge salaries.
  3. Large catalog of Skill sets- People holding this certification are extremely skilled and possess better, deeper, and broader knowledge about cybersecurity.
  4. Different from the herd- CISSP concentrations are proof that you possess experience, acumen, and specialized knowledge required to complete organizational duties in the field of cybersecurity.
  5. Leadership certification- The certification proves that you are eligible for leadership as it signifies that you are a Global Information Security Leader, and every employer, partner, and peer would recognize it.


Gaining this certificate is going to boost your confidence immensely. You would nurture and reap your future only by showing complete dedication, penance, and patience. You would be part of the world’s most professional cybersecurity experts and wood stand tall in no matter which country or company you serve. If you are looking for motivation to gain the CISSP certification by cracking the exam, remember what abilities this certificate holds and how it can change your future completely.