Nothing beats a warm and cozy home that keeps you comfortable and happy on rainy days and the winter months. You want to feel comfortable at home no matter the weather outside, and when days get colder, especially nearing the holidays, you definitely need more than a blanket to stay warm. While hot drinks, flickering fireplaces, and thick clothing make bleak weathers toasty and bearable, a well-insulated home is an efficient way to warm every room and maintain comfort until the cold season is over.

That being said, insulate your home with these four budget-friendly methods.

Seal Cracks and Gaps

Prevent drafts, moisture, and cold air from coming inside your home by sealing holes, cracks, and gaps on your ceiling, roof, floors, and walls. Reflective foil materials are perfect for insulating your roof, especially if you have an attic. If you have a cathedral ceiling, place truss joists or framing and 2×12 rafters to allow better insulation and ventilation. Use silicone sealants to cover any holes and gaps on the floors and walls. Sealing cracks and crevices in your home is a convenient way to keep your home warm throughout the winter or rainy seasons.

Cover Bare Floors

While bare floors are easier to clean and maintain, they get really cold, especially if you don’t have a thermostat, radiator, or floor insulation. Colder seasons are an excellent reason to bring out the carpets to cover your bare floors. More than aesthetics, protecting your floors with carpets and rugs is a quick way to keep your feet warm throughout the winter or rainy days. It is also an affordable option to insulate your floor, especially if your home’s hardwood or tile floors are already built-in, just like in condo developments such as Amaia Skies Avenida.

Use “Door Snakes”

Keep drafts from going inside by sealing the gaps of your doors with door snakes. These are draft guards that you can easily slide under and above your door gaps. Buy them online, or make them from scratch with foam, pillow stuffing, old socks, and packing peanuts to save money. The best part about draft guards is that they are quick to remove after the winter season.

Double-glaze Windows

Double-glazing your glass windows is an efficient way to keep the heat inside your home. However, they can be quite costly and may require permission from your condo’s development manager or homeowners’ association. Mimic the effect of double-glazing by adding a second layer to your glass windows. Add a pane of glass or plastic on your windows as a cheaper alternative to double-glazing. While it may not be as effective as double glazing, placing a second glaze is inexpensive and can be removed. Second glazing also saves you the hassle of potentially breaking any restrictions of your condominium or HOA.

There are various ways to insulate your home to keep you toasty and comfortable throughout the winter and chilly rainy days. Start with these four home-insulation methods to make your home warm while also saving money.