Moving into a new home is very exciting, but it’s natural that the initial excitement will wane over time. Perhaps your house is getting worn with time, or maybe you just want a change of scenery. You don’t have to move to get that new home feeling back. Here are three things you can do to make your home feel new again.

Get Your Carpets Cleaned

Over time, all carpets need a good cleaning. Don’t be tempted to replace your carpets — a good Austin carpet cleaning can make them look like new again, and it’s much more affordable than you might think. Sometimes carpets need to be cleaned due to fire or water damage, and companies like WOW Total Cleaning can also help with water removal and fire restoration if that’s the reason you need carpet cleaning.

Put on a Fresh Coat of Paint

This is something that can be done to a room or two, or to the entire house. If you plan on doing the whole house, give yourself time — maybe only do one room every week or two. This is something that doesn’t require a lot of technical skill; just make sure you don’t put a coat on too thick, and always do at least two or three coats. Making a room darker or lighter will completely change how it feels.

If your walls have years of children’s handprints and drawings on them, a fresh coat of paint will change your home feels.

Update Your Furniture

Similar to painting your walls, this can be done all over, or just in a few key rooms. A new hutch or bookshelf can make a room feel new. Getting yourself a new bed will make you feel like you’ve just moved into a new house. Upgrading your seating can make you want to spend more time in the living room.

Don’t be afraid to go used for furniture to save even more money. If your DIY skills are up to snuff — or if you’d like to practice and hone them — get some inexpensive furniture that would look nice with a new paint job and get creative. Don’t be afraid to go bold.

It’s easier than you might think to make your home feel new and exciting again. If you get a good carpet cleaning, paint some walls, and update your furniture, you’ll feel like you’ve just moved into a completely new home without the hassle or cost of moving.