Top Business tool for entrepreneurs in 2020 to improve productivity

In an entrepreneur’s life, there is always so much to do, yet the time is so little. Thankfully there exists a variety of productivity tools and management softwares and services than there has ever existed. These productivity tools are designed to ensure that they aid entrepreneurs in managing multiple tasks, from endless distractions to the overflowing to-dos they have daily. For entrepreneurs who manage between running a business, having fun, staying fit, and family life, it can be tough to attain the right balance. To ensure that entrepreneurs are kept focused on their goals while still having peace of mind, this article has explored some of the best productivity apps, services, and tools available. One can also find reputable platforms offering business productivity tools at review sites such as ReviewsBird.

  • StayFocusd
    Focus and concentration are rare words in the world of distraction. With technological advancements, there are so many things competing for your attention, making getting work done more difficult. StayFocusd has thankfully come to ensure one stays attentive, ensuring that one’s attention is kept away from straying towards activities, apps, and websites that only serve to waste our time. StayFocusd is an extension from google that is highly configurative and will ensure that you work without interruptions as an entrepreneur.
  • Fitbit
    Like any other investment or asset, an entrepreneur’s mental clarity and health need a lot of monitoring and care. Sites such as Mindvalley help these aspects that one rarely focuses on. As far as Fitbit is concerned, it has a family of wearable fitness devices and trackers that will monitor your calorie and vitals intake, ensuring you are active physically even when your day is busy. The Fitbit wearable devices have a vibrating alarm that rouses you when it’s waking up time. There are various Fitbit wearable devices that you can strap on, ensuring you are in check as you go about your day-to-day entrepreneurial activities.
  • Calendly
    Almost any entrepreneur has had to go through the annoying back and forth emailing hassles to set an interview, call, or meeting. Are you free tonight at 7? NO, What about tomorrow? NO, in a week or two? Entrepreneurs can relate to this hassle when it comes to scheduling. Calendly is a game-changer. It is an internet-based productivity tool that ensures that it is incredibly easy for almost every person to link and schedule a meeting just a few click away.
  • Offtime
    Offtime is one of the resources that an entrepreneur can find most useful. It is one of the biggest investments that a company can make and one of the most valuable things you can share with your employees. It is a productivity tool that enables one to manage the time they spend online, ensuring one spends it on things that matter more. It appreciates that the internet is addictive and cautions one from the distractions by automatically unplugging your connections to the virtual distractions ensuring you keep a balance between peace of mind, work, and happiness.
  • Zenpen