What is tokenomics? Tokenomics contains two words; tokens and economics. It refers to the value of a token that can make investors want to develop an ecosystem around the underlying or internal project of that token. It studies how cryptocurrencies impact the broader ecosystem right from the creation of a coin to its management.

Tokenomics is a massive subject that has a lot of components which are:

The founders

Like any other successful project, there is a powerful team behind a token’s inception. The team is crucial in determining if the token will come into fruition or not. For instance, the famous Basic Attention Token (BAT) gained global widespread because of the powerful team behind it, with its central founder being Brendan Eich, the founder of Mozilla Firefox and javascript.

The business model of the project

One of the things put into consideration with tokens is its business model, and how it is going to work to bring back profits. For a token to be successful, it has to have a robust business model to make money with.

For instance, cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin are only useful in payment purposes; therefore, they don’t need a complex business model. On the other hand, decentralized tokens that aim to be more than paying systems must have a sturdy business model.


Branding and public relations include the most critical components of tokenomics. A token project has to be backed up by a community of users. No matter the quality of a token or how big it sounds, without marketing to build the sales and consumer engagement, it is bound to slug. 

Many crypto projects tend to focus their energy on building the token and forget the community. While it is still advantageous to build more on the product, ensure that someone in the team regularly interacts with the users.

It is vital to offer attention to the potential community as successful tokens have the most active buyers.

The legal requirements

The project has to have a legal team that is supposed to cater to its legal compliance. Before you set out on a token scheme, ensure that the project you have interest in is legally compliant with that country’s regulations. It is advisable to seek a lawyer such as Christian Ellul for legal advice on tokenomics. 

For instance, following the massive ICOs raised in 2017, 2018, they came under scrutiny on legal matters through different governing bodies. It means that as much as the crypto space is unregulated, it is crucial to lawyer up and maintain judicial transparency as much as possible. To the project founders, it also builds confidence with the users as they have an assurance of legal backing in the project they are investing in.

Substantial utility

Substantial utility means that the project has to contribute to the real-world utility or be of value to the real world. If it is bringing value to the market, it is a worthy investment.

For example, if the project’s platform depends entirely …

Will I Need a Lawyer if I Don’t Have Car Insurance?

Not all states require car insurance, so drivers may get a bit mixed up as they travel from one state to the next across the U.S. While it wise to have this insurance as long as you plan to operate a vehicle, there may be many reasons preventing you from doing so. Still, regardless of state requirements, once you find yourself in a car accident, you’ll have quite a difficult time paying for the damages without the support of an insurer. 

Things could get much worse if you are the negligent party in such a case. If you do not have car insurance and have recently experienced an accident, read on to understand just how necessary legal guidance is to get you out of this conundrum. 

Legal Protection as the Victim of a Car Accident

Firstly, it is critical that you are protected by insurance when operating your vehicle on any public road or highway. Although it is not required in every state, this is the only way to ensure that you are adequately protected in the event of a collision. Why is that? If you were to incur damages (e.g., injuries, property damages, etc.) as the victim of a car accident, you need to be able to secure compensation by filing a claim with your insurance company. 

Your insurer, along with a lawyer, will assist you in holding the negligent driver accountable for their role in the accident, and help you to secure the compensation needed for a full recovery. Insurance coverage is especially important in cases where the negligent driver is uninsured, however. If they do not have the protection of an insurance policy, this means that they do not have the means to provide the necessary payout. In this case, the burden of financial coverage would then fall on you. 

At this point, if the damages exceed your policy limits, you would surely need the assistance of a lawyer to recover the necessary funds. Your lawyer will build a case for you that demonstrates the fault of the other driver and your subsequent need for compensation. If the defendant does not have an insurance policy, your lawyer will sue and secure another method of payment for you. 

Legal Protection as the Negligent Party

As the guilty driver in a car accident, the best-case scenario would be to have insurance coverage. Two elements of an insurance policy that can save you in such circumstances would be:

  • Duty to defend: Your insurer will secure a lawyer to protect you against the claims of the victim(s).
  • Duty to indemnify: Your insurer will provide the funds for all losses and damages.

If you do not have such protection, the plaintiff can legally seek compensation in the form of foreclosure, garnishment, or several other types of collections measures. As an uninsured driver, the only way to protect yourself from such circumstances is by having the protection of a lawyer. Though you will still have to provide a payout to the victim(s), the …