Juicing To Lower Your Cholesterol

High cholesterol is a problem for many Americans. We live fast and eat fast, eating lots of fatty greasy foods that have no real nutritional value. There has been a revolution started to eat healthier and lower cholesterol. More and more people have begun to use juicing to lower cholesterol to achieve this.

Cholesterol in high levels has been linked to the deposits of plaque in arteries causing heart disease and heart attacks. By lowering your overall cholesterol you can prevent this plaque from forming thus avoiding heart problems. By juicing to lower cholesterol, you will have a powerful start on the road to better health.

Cholesterol originates from lipoproteins in the blood stream and a way to reduce the amount of cholesterol is to eat healthier. Juicing is one way to lower cholesterol. It often takes the body an hour or two to break down and use the food we eat and this is where juicing to lower cholesterol can come in handy. To eliminate the process of making the stomach do all that extra work, we can now make juice from fresh fruits and vegetables that will help in the digestive process.

When juicing to lower cholesterol, it is better to use fresh fruits and vegetables instead of buying already made juice in the store. Prepared juice is usually full of sugar, corn syrup, and preservatives that we don’t need.

Making the juice fresh is a vital way to maintain the high level of nutrients that we need to eliminate lipoproteins and lower cholesterol.


When you decide to try juicing to lower cholesterol, don’t forget the pulp, our bodies need fiber too. There are many different things you can do with pulp so it is not wasted. When eating the fruit whole the fiber can block some of the nutrients from being absorbed by the body, so why not separate them to be used at their full potential.

The best reason to use juicing to lower cholesterol is taste. Some of the best plants to use in a cholesterol lowering diet don’t taste very good. When using a juicer you are able to combine several different beneficial ingredients into a great tasting drink. For example, dandelion greens have great health benefits but who would want to eat them. They are much better when mixed with other vegetable juices and herbs in a flavorful combination.

It is recommended to have five servings of fruit and vegetables a day as part of a healthy diet, but many of us don’t take the time to prepare them for consumption. With a juicer there isn’t anything to prepare. You can put the hole fruit or vegetable in the juicer, or if they are too large, cut them in halves until they fit.

This way you can get the full benefits of the fruits and vegetables and feel good about doing something healthful that also tastes good. Not to mention the other benefits of lower cholesterol, preventing certain types of cancer, and preventing heart disease. So go to the store and get fresh fruit and vegetables to start juicing to lower cholesterol and drink your way to better health.

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